Large bank

Reconciliation of calculations
employee hours
100% accuracy
Loan payments reconciliation


Customers reach out to the bank seeking information about current debt under their contracts. The bank also needs to submit information to the court in order to recover overdue debts from customers. These reconciliatory actions require the information sent by the bank to be prompt and 100% accurate at all times.


Such Requests are received frequently, therefore employees time must be allocated to perform reconciliation.

These tasks require a lot of manual work, causing delays in providing data and errors when reconciling/correcting data in the Automated Banking System (ABS).

Business process

A request from a customer or the initiative from the Bank
Manually collect all of the contract’s information and carry out the necessary calculations
The robot compares manual calculations with ABS
The robot, if necessary, corrects the data in the ABS
The robot makes a note that all the data come together
The robot creates a reconciliation report

Results with a load of 1000 requests per month

45 minutes
To process a request that doesn't need to be corrected
3 minutes
For the robot to check the request
60 minutes
To process a request that needs to be corrected
5 minutes
For the robot to process and correct the request
937 hours
Per month. 6 employees work only on this task
75 hours
Per month. Now a single employee can close an issue
5,39 FTE
Saved by T1A
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