International FMCG company

Processing orders in SAP
employee minutes
robot minutes
Saving 480 man hours per month
Processing orders in SAP


B2B customers send requests to the company for goods delivery. Requests are sent to different employees in their mailboxes. You need to start them and process them in SAP.


A copious amount of applications are received daily, requiring several people for processing. The speed of goods shipment and payment depends on the quality and efficiency of requests processing.

Business process

B2B customers send a delivery request using the Excel template
The Manager sends the requests for work
The robot automatically copies data from the requests to SAP
Once the robot finishes entering a request, it sends a status email to the manager

Results with a load of 300 requests per day

15 minutes
For an employee to make a request in SAP
5 minutes
For the robot to start a request
The robot continues to make requests at night and on weekends
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